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November 2016: Topological pumping of photons in nonlinear resonator arrays

” The inspiration for a new scheme to transport interacting quantum particles has its roots in Ancience Greece. In Thouless pumping, transport happens because of the topology of fields acting on the quantum particles – similar to the way that an Archimedes’ screw pump can move water up a hill,.. ”
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J. Tangpatinanon, V. M. Bastidas, P. Roushan, S. Assam, D. Jaksch, D. G. Angelakis, “Topological pumping with photons in nonlinear resonator arrays”, Physical Review Letters, 117,  213603 (2016)


We show how to implement topological or Thouless pumping of interacting photons in one-dimensional nonlinear resonator arrays by simply modulating the frequency of the resonators periodically in space and time. The interplay between the interactions and the adiabatic modulations enables robust transport of Fock states with few photons per site. We analyze the transport mechanism via an effective analytic model and study its topological properties and its protection to noise. We conclude by a detailed study of an implementation with existing circuit-QED architectures.

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