PhD Theses

1. Towards Quantum Simulation with Interacting Photons in Superconducting Circuits
Jirawat Tangpanitanon, CQT, NUS (PhD 2019)

2. Few-photon Transport in Strongly Interacting Light-matter Systems: A Scattering Approach
See Tian Feng, CQT, NUS (PhD 2019)

3. Quantum Simulations with Photons in One-dimensional Nonlinear Waveguides
Huo Mingxia, CQT, NUS (PhD 2013, co-supervised with L.C. Kwek)

4. Non-equilibrium Strongly-correlated Quantum Dynamics in Photonic Resonator Arrays
Thomas Grujic, Oxford (DPhil 2012, co-supervised with D. Jaksch)

Final year honour theses
1. Hybrid Classical – Quantum Machine Learning and Applications
Christos Michalopoulos, Technical University of Crete (Undergraduate 2022)

2. Quantum Algorithms for solving Linear Systems of Equations and Implementation in Prototype Quantum Computers
Alexandros Myron Politis, Technical University of Crete (Master 2021)

3. Quantum approximate optimization algorithms and applications
Giannis D. Leonidas, Technical University of Crete (Master 2021)

4. Machine Learning Phases of Matter in Open Quantum Systems
Zejian Li, CQT, NUS (Master 2019)

5. Topologically Protected Transport in One-Dimensional Lattices of the SSH Type
Kurniawan Tjandra, CQT, NUS (Undergraduate 2019)

6. Implementation of Quantum Search Algorithms in Cavity QED
Michael N. Kalogerakis, Technical University of Crete (Master 2013)