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How can your business or operations stay up to date with recent disruptive developments in quantum technologies? Quantum computing and quantum simulation has seen significant progress recently with several private and public sector entities competing for achieving quantum supremacy for a range of applications in IT, industry and banking sectors. Secure quantum cryptography, as well as quantum sensing, are also evolving fast providing unprecedented possibilities for secure communication and sensing. How can your business stay relevant in this fast changing landscape?

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We are happy to talk to you to discuss your interests and needs and explore the potential of our research in your sector or possible collaborations. Examples of our activities include giving talks about quantum computing at industry events or delivering dedicated workshops. Example topics include introduction to quantum software, quantum simulation and quantum algorithms or simply how one programs a quantum computer. Please email the group leader for more information or to arrange a meeting


We regularly participate in University Open Days, Science Festivals and deliver talks to schools. We are also happy to talk to journalists about our work. See examples of recent media coverage of our work below. If you want to talk to us, please email the group leader at