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For all cases, please contact the group leader at

Jobs and scholarships:

  • Undergraduates of NUS and TUC: we offer Honors and UROPS projects, and we have also offered occasionally SPS projects. The door is open for a chat!
  • Undergraduates of other universities: Usually we do not offer paid summer internships unless in exceptional cases. If you have your own financial support or scholarship to try nevertheless, please send your CV.
  • Ph.D. candidates:  We have PhD openings in Quantum Physics and Quantum Simulation (for logistic details, refer to the CQT PhD programme but don’t start by applying there, write to the group leader first).
  • Postdocs: We constantly look for motivated junior or experienced postdocs with a strong background in quantum information or quantum optics, or condensed matter physics. Areas of interests in the group include quantum simulation and computation, quantum many-body dynamics, driven quantum systems, topological physics, quantum machine learning. Platform wise we work with superconducting qubits, ions, integrated photonic chips and cold atoms.

Industry and Press: Please see Industry and Outreach.