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For all cases, please contact the group leader at

Jobs and scholarships:

  • Internships, RA and RF positions in the interface of quantum algorithms and machine learning. Click here for more details.
  • Undergraduates of NUS and TUC: We offer Honors and UROPS projects, and we have also offered occasionally SPS projects. The door is open for a chat! Write to the group leader
  • Undergraduates of other universities: Usually we do not offer paid summer internships unless in exceptional cases. If you have your own financial support or scholarship to try nevertheless, please send your CV.
  • Ph.D. candidates: We have PhD openings in Quantum Physics and Quantum Simulation, click here for details. For logistic details, salary, etc refer to the CQT PhD programme but don’t start by applying there, write to the group leader first.
  • Postdocs: We constantly look for motivated junior or experienced postdocs with a strong background in quantum information or quantum optics, or condensed matter physics. Areas of interests in the group include quantum simulation and computation, quantum many-body dynamics, driven quantum systems, topological physics, quantum machine learning. Platform wise we work with superconducting qubits, ions, integrated photonic chips and cold atoms.

Industry and Press: Please see Industry and Outreach.


We are looking for excellent and highly motivated students or graduates of Physics, Maths, ECE or CS  schools, with a passion in software engineering and algorithm development to join our team. 

Existing experience in any aspects of machine learning and experience in programming with Python and/or C++ is essential.

We provide the quantum part, which includes training into the field of quantum simulation and computation, an excellent working environment in a top research group based in world leading research center in the field. The group has ongoing collaborations with leading quantum hardware groups worldwide.

 Areas of current interest include digital and analog quantum simulation, and their applications in data and material science, optimization, chemistry and finance, among others. 

For the RF positions, a PhD in the field of quantum computing with experience in quantum algorithm development is required.

Excellent interns and RAs will be considered for potential follow up PhD positions. 

Interested parties should write to the group leader, Prof. Angelakis, Dimitris at with their full CV and one sample of their past work (a paper or project report).