Additional Photos

Past members of the group

Kurniawan, Honors student 2018-2019 NUS, Singapore
Dr Wing Chi Yu, RF 2017-2018, now at CUHK, Hong Kong
Dr Victor Bastidas, RF 2016-17, now at NTT, Japan
Dr Changsuk Noh, RF 2010-15, now Assistant Professor, KIAS, Korea
Dr Ping Na Ma RF 2014-15, now CEO and founder of “Yotcopi Technologies”, Banking Sector)
Dr Changyoup Lee, RF 2012-2015, now postdoc, Germany.
Dr Priyam Das RF 2011-2014, now postdoc Turkey.
Dr Amit Rai, RF 2011-2015, now Lecturer in India.
Dr. MingXia Huo, PhD student in CQT since July 2009-2014, co-supervised by Prof. Kwek. Now postdoc at Clarendon Laboratory, University of Oxford
Dr Blas Manuel Rodriguez-Lara , RF 2009-2011, now faculty in Mexico.

Collaborations (current and recent)

Prof. Alex Szameit (Rostock, Germany)
Prof. J. Martinis and Dr Roushan (Google/UCSB)
Dr. Robert Keil (Inssbruck, Austria)
Prof Rozario Fazio (Piza, Italy)
Prof. Dieter Jacksh group (Oxford, UK)
Prof Tobias Brandes group (Berlin, Germany)
Prof. Eden Figueroa group (SUNY, USA)
Dr Stephen Clark (University of Bath)