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October 2022: Efficiently Extracting Multi-Point Correlations of a Floquet Thermalized System

Efficiently Extracting Multi-Point Correlations of a Floquet Thermalized System
Yong-Guang Zheng, Wei-Yong Zhang, Ying-Chao Shen, An Luo, Ying Liu, Ming-Gen He, Hao-Ran Zhang, Wan Lin, Han-Yi Wang, Zi-Hang Zhu, Ming-Cheng Chen, Chao-Yang Lu, Supanut Thanasilp, Dimitris G. Angelakis, Zhen-Sheng Yuan, Jian-Wei Pan

Nonequilibrium dynamics of many-body systems is challenging for classical computing, providing opportunities for demonstrating practical quantum computational advantage with analogue quantum simulators. It is proposed to be classically intractable to sample driven thermalized many-body states of Bose-Hubbard systems, and further extract multi-point correlations for characterizing quantum phases. Here, leveraging dedicated precise manipulations and number-resolved detection through a quantum gas microscope, we implement and sample a 32-site driven Hubbard chain in the thermalized phase. Multi-point correlations of up to 14th-order extracted from experimental samples offer clear distinctions between the thermalized and many-body-localized phases. In terms of estimated computational powers, the quantum simulator is comparable to the fastest supercomputer with currently known best algorithms. Our work paves the way towards practical quantum advantage in simulating Floquet dynamics of many-body systems.

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