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Research in our group focuses among others on developing novel methods to describe and understand the quantum interactions between light and matter in a variety of platforms including quantum superconducting qubits, cold atoms and ions, and photonic systems. Our research could be applied towards developing exotic quantum technologies and devices such quantum processors and quantum simulators, and also for fundamental science in the area of strongly correlated quantum systems. Our work is highly interdisciplinary and spans areas such as quantum optics, nano-photonics, condensed matter physics, as well as quantum information science.  read more.



July 2015: Quantum plasmonic excitation in graphene and loss-insensitive propagation
Authors: G. W. Hanson, S. A. H. Gangaraj, C. Lee, D. G. Angelakis, M. Tame “Quantum plasmonic excitation in graphene and robust-to-loss
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April 2015: Optical simulation of charge conservation violation and Majorana dynamics
“Forbidden physics has been seen in an experiment – sort of. CQT researchers and collaborators in Germany, Austria and India
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News before 2015
December 2014: Our joint work with the groups of Hyunseok Jeong in Korea, and Tim Ralph in Australia, has been published in JOSA
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Short CV: Dimitris Angelakis
Research output Dimitris Angelakis has been invited to deliver more 35  talks in international meetings including the annual American Physical
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