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We are working in quantum technologies with a focus in implementations of quantum computation and quantum simulation with quantum optical systems. Our research could be applied towards developing exotic high-performance quantum processors and simulators, and also for fundamental science in the area of strongly correlated quantum systems. read more.


Feb 2018: Dimitris is interviewed by South China Morning Post
Feb 2018: Marc joins our group as a Postdoc. Welcome!
Feb 2018: Dimitris and Jirawat attended the conference Quantum Simulation & Computation in Bilbao, Spain where Dimitris gave a talk on our recent joint work with Google.
Jan 2018: Our group members Tian Feng and Jirawat joined the 2nd workshop on quantum technologies in Chiang Mai, Thailand!
Dec 2017: Our work with Google got highlighted in Straits Times! Dimitris is also interviewed by Crete TV and SKY TV Greece (in Greek).


Research Highlights


Dec 2017-publication in Science: Spectroscopic signatures of localization with interacting photons in superconducting qubits (collaboration with Google-Martinis group)

The international team used photons in Google's quantum chip to simulate the surprising and beautiful pattern of the 'Hofstadter butterfly', ...
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November 2017: Realizing topological relativistic dynamics with slow light polaritons at room temperature

Authors M. Namazi, B. Jordaan, C. Noh, D. G. Angelakis, E. Figueroa Abstract Here we use a slow light quantum ...
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May 2017: Quantum Simulators with Photons and Polaritons: Merging Quantum Optics with Condensed Matter Physics

Check our book on "Quantum Simulators with Photons and Polaritons: Merging Quantum Optics with Condensed Matter Physics" by Springer! This book ...
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May 2017: A diagrammatic Diagrammatic Approach to Multiphoton Scattering

Authors T.F. See, C. Noh, D.G. Angelakis, “A diagrammatic Diagrammatic Approach to Multiphoton Scattering”, Phys. Rev. A 95, 053845 (2017) Abstract We ...
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