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June 2016: The joint COST workshop and school on “Many-Body Physics and Quantum Simulations with Light”

The programme is on! Check out the program, talks (slides and videos) and photos here 

Local Organizing Committee

  • Dimitris G. Angelakis (chair), Technical University of  Crete and Centre for Quantum Technologies, Singapore
  • Jirawat Tangpatinanon, Centre for Quantum Technologies, Singapore
  • Tiang Feng See, Centre for Quantum Technologies, Singapore
  • Nikos Schetakis, Technical University of  Crete

Scientific Advisory Committee

  • Dimitris G. Angelakis, TUC Crete and CQT Singapore (Chair)
  • Darrick Chang, ICFO,  Spain
  • Cristiano Ciuti, Univ. Paris Diderot, France
  • Rosario Fazio, ICTP and NEST, Italy
  • Peter Rabl, TU Vienna,  Austria
  • Atac Imamoglu, ETH, Switzerland